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Bauhinia forticata

Chi Ban or  Cows (scientific name: Bauhinia) is a genus contains over 200 species of flowering plants in the subfamily Vang (Caesalpinioideae) of a large family is that they bean (Fabaceae), with distribution throughout the region tropical. The genus was named by name science of Bauhin brothers, the French botanist Switzerland.

Many species are widely grown in tropical regions such as the "orchid", particularly in northern India, Vietnam and southeastern China. They are sometimes known as purple colored flowers such as orchids, orchid house poor. Blakeana Bauhinia flower is a symbol of Hong Kong.

Scientific classification

About (Regnum): Plantae

(not ranked): Angiosperms

(not ranked) Eudicots

(not ranked) Rosids

The (Ordo): Fabales

They (familia): Fabaceae

Subfamily (subfamilia): Caesalpinioideae

Tong (tribus): Cercideae

Chi (genus): Bauhinia



The flowers are from 4-5 wing. Stamen is sweet, attract insects, especially species such as honey bees, butterflies. White flowers original name (Bauhinia variegata) in the Thai language means fresh flowers. Every year, the lunar February, the flowers bloom sporadically, most topical and most beautiful in the beginning of March, early April, the flowers start over. At flowering, the tree looks as if only original flowers without leaves. The upland northwest Vietnam is often based on the flowers to farm, they slash at flowering and grain inspection at dissolved.

Flowers white board (Bauhinia variegata) is a cultural symbol of the Northwest North Vietnam, often symbolizes faithfulness in love couples.

U.S. economic protons (Bauhinia blakeana) since 1997 has become a symbol of flowers Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong People's Republic of China, and it appears on the flag of Hong Kong as well as on the dollar Hong Kong dollars. But in Taiwan, it was voted as the flower of Chiayi City in southwestern Taiwan.


In northwestern Vietnam, the flowers with leaves can be made ​​into unique dishes such as sticky rice, stir-fry, soup, to salad, to map dotted with sour bamboo vinegar peppers ...

Some species:

* Bauhinia baccacensis - Mong beef Hau Giang.

* Bauhinia blakeana - Yangtze business

* Bauhinia bracteata - wire line, wireless realm, red, nails bison.

* Bauhinia cardinalis - nail kits, wire deep color, wire samples.

* Bauhinia championi (synonyms: Phanera championii, Bauhinia bonii

* Bauhinia coccinea - Guo wire, winding wire, nails red bouquet.

* Bauhinia corymbosa

* Bauhinia curtisii - Mong beef Curtis, wire line, nails bouquet green.

* Bauhinia forticata

* Bauhinia galpinii

* Bauhinia glauca - Mong beef milestone.

* Bauhinia hirsuta - Mong cow fur sputtering.

* Bauhinia khasiana - Mong beef velvet, wire line, wireless Quach.

* Bauhinia lakhonensis - Mong beef Lakhon, foundation cow gray feathers.

* Bauhinia malabarica - buffalo, elephant ears cow hoof.

* Bauhinia mastopoda - Erythema

* Bauhinia monandra a delicate beef-nails, nails hero single cow.

* Bauhinia purpurea - The purple cow purple flower nail, nail bull spread.

* Bauhinia pyrrhoclada - Mong cow train.

* Bauhinia racemosa - Mong beef beam.

* Bauhinia saccocalyx - Mong beef pocket radio.

* Bauhinia scandens - Mong cow climbing.

* Bauhinia tomentosa-nails yellow cow

* Bauhinia touranensis - Wipe the blood, cow hoof lemon flowers.

* Bauhinia variegata - The white stripes cow hoof in northwestern North.

* Bauhinia vahlii

* Bauhinia viridescens - pale blue flowers Mong beef, beef or green nails.


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