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New plants: Trees Arhat parts and luck


Podocarpus macrophyllus

They originated from Japan, China and in Vietnam. Not tall tree with an iron hand, tiny but bright blue, cute. Of a kind bonsai trees ornamental neck, the body wood, good drought tolerance, and especially evergreen hard, very hard fall. Seeds are grown as ornamental nursery furniture (indoor) very beautiful, luxurious and bring prosperity to you and your loved ones.

Honey Clover

Plants originating from the Americas, Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East. Plants of the cactus family cow, live in areas of extreme heat and drought tolerant. Trees are not upright like the type of cactus based that long cow on the ground, or other standing body. Plants have left a lot of dark brown droplets. Seeds were first grown as ornamental nursery furniture in Japan should also called Japanese cactus grass or grass luck. Tree luck, luxurious and always brings good luck to you and all your loved ones.


Interior plants should avoid the sun shines directly, avoiding the rain, not a fan or air conditioning blowing directly on the plant. Up to the tree in place with light. Each morning, you should spray water mist the plants, watering 1-2 times a week, watering slowly absorbed and absorbed all the water to the bottom of the pot (though tiny pots only). Potted soil is soil biology can foster trees live for 1-2 years without high pass quickly, thereby for ornamental potted always fresh and beautiful.


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