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Tithonia diversifolia flowers

Tithonia diversifolia flowers dry signal to the land of beautiful highlands of Dalat. Many people believe that, Dalat has four seasons, but, just like the typical climate of the Tay Nguyen, the weather here is divided into two seasons: dry and rainy. 

 The rainy season usually lasts from April through December 10, warm but nights are so located high in Dalat still subtle the cold. They said, rain Dalat beautiful but soledad. 


First to dry, Dalat earth seemed "rather new shirt", brighter scene, many flowers and birds beam radiating colors and scents on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.


But not because of the yellow brightened the windy winding road passes, wild sunflowers flower tree is loved because it is the weather forecast. The wild sunflowers dry season to season, a year old, the upcoming Christmas and New Year ...


 The dry season in the highlands of Dalat also colder, closed fog hung each corner, small road. Very little sunshine, Tithonia diversifolia flowers, wild sunflowers are many people who love Da Lat flower called the sun. It looks like the sun in favor of the convergence of all gems to the delicate petals, small garden out towards the sun.


   Visit to Dalat at this time, you can see anywhere golden shine of the gem, from the side of the road, weaving in the lane, flickers inside the fence of the ancient mansion. And immense under crunch foliage in the wind.


 Follow to Wikipedia Tithonia diversifolia flowers gems originated from Central America, in Mexico, this flower is called Mexican Sunflower. In Vietnam, the gem was planted in the French colonial period throughout the Central Highlands provinces with the predominant use of green manure fertilizer for rubber plantations, coffee. In addition, the leaves and Tithonia diversifolia flowers of precious medicine is used to treat certain skin diseases. 


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